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About the products

MADE WITH 97-99.5% NATURAL PLANT-BASE, LESS THAN 1-3% ANIMAL BASE INGREDIENTS: Majority of our plant-base are non-GMO and Organic. Most of our oil are cold-pressed. Our animal product such as silk peptide or grass-feed beef collagen. These products are essential to boosting collagen, retains moisture and anti-aging. Our choice of ingredients carefully chosen to enhances skin youthfulness, elasticity, anti-oxidant, vitamins, moisturizing and adds necessarily nutrients to your skin.

This product improves and is compatible with the following skin problems:

MADE IN U.S.A: Our products are locally made, produced by small, family-owned business in North Carolina. We believe in living healthy and chemical free!

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Anti-Aging Cream with hyaluronic acid (microneedling after-care)

Key benefits: * Note for micro-needling users: wait for 2 days after microneedling services to use this product because your skin needs time to heal. This product have a acidic pH (4.5-5.5) it might cause burning sensative when your skin is inflamed. Use pure hyaluronic acid for 2 days then use this product or any of the anti-aging products afterwards.